Yui Hirasawa Doujinshi

Yui is the main character of K-On!. She is one of the members of the light music club, and plays a Heritage Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Classic electric guitar. She does not get good grades in school (though properly coached, she can achieve astounding results, as shown when she has to sit for a re-test and achieves full marks after some tutoring from Mio) and is easily distracted by trivialities. Yui has a very easy-going nature but when hyped, has incredible concentration, though this is only limited to one subject at a time. She will totally neglect any other things in the process, to the point of forgetting anything she has learned beforehand. She is also one of the group's vocalists, although she is prone to forgetting her lyrics mid-performance, as well as overdoing things making her unable to perform.